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As a wedding photographer, I was in awe of Hotel Casa Santo Domingo's charm as I captured a beautiful wedding there. Nestled amidst historic streets, this enchanting hotel flawlessly combines luxury with ancient ruins, resulting in an unforgettable wedding experience that exceeded all expectations.

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hotel casa santo domingo wedding
hotel casa santo domingo wedding

The hotel's unique feature is the incorporation of ancient Santo Domingo Monastery ruins dating back to the 16th century into its design. These mesmerizing ruins served as an incredible backdrop, adding a touch of mystery and drama to every image, elevating the couple's memories to a whole new level.

antigua guatemala wedding

Beyond the captivating ruins, the hotel's lush gardens, picturesque fountains, and elegant courtyards offered an abundance of stunning photo opportunities. Each corner provided a perfect frame for capturing timeless moments, while the staff's professionalism and meticulous attention to detail ensured a seamless event.

hotel casa santo domingo wedding
hotel casa santo domingo wedding reception

Couples seeking an authentic and meaningful wedding venue will find Hotel Casa Santo Domingo truly unforgettable. Exchanging vows amidst these historic ruins adds a profound sense of significance to the ceremony, creating everlasting memories for the couple and their guests.

Hotel Casa Santo Domingo is one of the best wedding venues in Antigua Guatemala, and I am thrilled to share my experience and recommend it to future couples looking for a captivating and picturesque setting for their special day. The magic of this extraordinary venue will help create timeless memories that will be cherished forever. Interested in getting married in Antigua? Fill out my contact form on my inquiry page, I'd love to hear more about your vision!

All photos taken by Emma Hartman Photography LLC on behalf of BN Photo & Video